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College Applications and Naviance

Naviance Family Connection: College Application Process

Step by Step

1. Login to your Naviance account http://connection.naviance.com/ (your Username & password)

2. Go to the COLLEGES Tab

a. Click on Colleges I’m Applying To

If all of the colleges you are applying to are not listed:

o Click Add To List [below the FERPA Waiver]

o Find the college you are applying to using the lookup link

o you can search for colleges by typing in the name, clicking on an alpha character, by state or going through the list

o click on the college and it will populate the box

o if you have already applied to the college click the box

o when you have completed adding your colleges click add colleges

If you are applying via Common Application: (look at your list and see how many are Common App. – if 2 or more are Yes, suggested to do Common App)

o First – go to www.commonapp.org and set up your account

o Write down your Common App. Username and Password (try to use the same username and password for all college needs)

o Go back into Naviance under Colleges I’m Applying To and sign the Common App. Waiver and enter your Common App. username and password

*You must complete the FERPA Waiver regardless of what colleges you are applying to*

3. If you need Teacher Recommendations (Give the teachers at least 3 weeks to write a recommendation.

b. Click on your Colleges TAB

o Click on Colleges I’m Applying To

o Scroll down to Teacher Recommendations

o Click Add/Cancel Requests

o Go to Add New Requests

o Click the dropdown menu and choose the teacher(s) from the list(make sure you have personally asked this teacher prior to this request and that your Activity Resume is updated in Naviance)

o Add any notes to the teacher(s) in the box (i.e. Please mention my passion for Biology and my interest in Medicine.)

o Click Update Requests – this will send an email to the teacher stating your request and will add the request to the teacher’s Naviance account. It will also record that you have requested it in your Naviance account. When the teacher has completed the Recommendation, they will mark it as Completed and it will show in your Naviance account so you can keep track of your application materials.

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