Lockout Information

On October 19, 2017 at approximately 12:21 pm the Oswego City Police Department
was notified by the Oswego City School District Superintendent that he had placed all
seven of their school buildings on “lockout” do to a suspicious image having been
observed on social media that was reported to district officials.
The suspicious image was that of, what the district believed to be, an Oswego City
School District student making a suspicious and threatening statement. 
The identified student was not in school today and Oswego Police worked with the
district to locate the student to assess the situation. 
District officials knew that the student was not on-site at any of their schools. At no point
in time did the district believe that the students were in imminent danger and the lockout
was due to an abundance of caution. 
The student has since been located by, and is cooperating with, police. 
The lockout that was in effect for approximately one hour and has been lifted. Classes
continued as normal.
Oswego City School District Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey states that the remainder
of the school day and student dismissal will continue as scheduled.
“The Oswego City School District places the greatest importance possible on the safety of our
students and today was an example of the great partnership between the school district and the
Oswego City Police Department,” said Goewey. “I commend our faculty and staff for their
professionalism in responding to a difficult and sensitive situation.”
Mayor William J. Barlow, Jr. states “Oswego Police Chief Tory DeCaire kept me apprised of the
situation with the school district as it unfolded. I commend the Oswego City School District as
well as Oswego Police Department for taking this situation seriously and resolving it so quickly
and professionally.”