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Leighton Sixth Graders Earn Recognition

The school year has ended at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School, but as the days wound down the administration and faculty took time to recognize the contributions of many students.

The New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award was presented to Nathan Schultzkie for his hard work, dedication and success to academic excellence and civic commitment.

Two sixth grade students received the annual STARR Awards which are based on demonstrating qualities such as sharing, trustworthiness, respect and responsibility. This year the awards were presented to Desiree Myers and Lisa Kanbur.

In the area of academics Principal Julie Burger presented the “President Education Awards” the certificates for “Outstanding Educational Excellence’ were given to Raymond Casaletta, Aaric Celeste, Brandon Cheeley, Olivia DeLorenzo, Dominick Donabella, Patrick Dowdle, Celia Fitzgerald, Kyle Freberg, Lisa Kanbur, Kaleigh Laird, Tysne Ruggio, Nathan Schultzkie and Abigail Stewart.

The “Outstanding Education Achievement” certificates were given to Samuel Lafond, Keelan McGreevy, Desiree Myers and Elijah Restuccio.

Laurel Artz, Cathy Kelly and Dehm were the sixth grade teachers this year at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School and they, along with Principal Burger, congratulated their students while at the same time wishing all of the future seventh graders good luck.

Sixth graders in Kelly’s class included Brianna Batchelor, Raymond Casaletta, Aaric Celeste, Brandon Cheeley, Dominick Donabella, William Hill Jr., Michelle Hudson, Sara Johnston, Joseph Keytack, Taylor Knopp, Timothy Mateer, Keelan McGreevy, Austin medley, Alexander North, Chandler O’Shaughnessy, Alexandrea Orr, Martin Orta, Austin Ouderkirk, Katherine Pecora, Sophia Rangel, Elijah Restuccio, Sarah Reynolds, Cody Rowe and Jeffrey Vivlemore.

Dehm’s students were Crystal Brooks, Derrick Cahill, Chandler Compson, Zachary Eastman, Brandy Ermini, Celia Fitzgerald, Samuel Gilbert, Liam Hill, Lisa Kanbur, Wade McAllister, Desiree Myers, Alyssa Otis, Tysne Ruggio, Abigail Stewart, John Syrell IV, Paige Thomas, Tyler Tobin-Fantom, David Wise and Anthony Woolworth.

Artz’ students advancing to seventh grade were Brianna Abtey, James Carpentier, Christopher Crump, Mark Delong, Olivia DeLorenzo, Patrick Dowdle, Gabriel Favata, Kyle Freberg, Colin Glennen, Darian James, Mariah lee James, Samuel Lafond, Kaleigh Laird, Courtney McDermott, Autumn McHenry, Melissa Michael, Selena Rangel, James Roach, Nathan Schultzkie, Jacob Smith, Kyle Trokey, Britany Waldron, Tyler Washer and Zachary Wetzel.


The Frederick Leighton Elementary School STARR Awards were presented recently. This year’s recipients were Desiree Myers and Lisa Kanbur and they were congratulated by guidance counselor Sarah Dodd, teacher Jennifer Symborski and FLS Principal Julie Burger.