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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

6470 School Employee Wellness Policy


         Many actions and conditions that affect the health of school employees may also influence the health and learning of students. The physical and mental health of school employees is integral to promoting and protecting the health of students and helps foster their academic success. The establishment of the School Employee Wellness Program may accomplish the following:


a)      Promote health and reduce health risk behaviors of employees; and


b)      Identify and correct conditions in the workplace that can compromise the health of school employees, reduce their levels of productivity, impede student success, and contribute to escalating health-care costs.


*Elements of a Comprehensive School Employee Wellness Program Include the Following:


a)      Health education and health-promoting activities that focus on skill development and lifestyle behavior that change along with awareness building, information dissemination, and access to facilities, and preferably are tailored to employees' needs and interests;


b)      Safe, supportive social and physical environments, including organizational expectations about healthy behaviors and implementation of policies that promote health and safety and reduce the risk of disease;


c)      Integration of the worksite program into the school or District structure;


d)      Linkage to related programs such as employee assistance programs, emergency care, and programs that help employees balance work and family life;


e)      Worksite screening programs, which ideally are linked to medical care to ensure follow-up and appropriate treatment as necessary;


f)      Individual follow-up interventions to support behavior change;


g)      Education and resources to help employees make decisions about health care; and


h)      An evaluation and improvement process to help enhance the program's effectiveness and efficiency.


*(Adapted from Partnership for Prevention. Healthy Workforce 2010: An essential health promotion sourcebook for employers, large and small. Washington, DC: Partnership for Prevention, 2001.)


Community/School Groups Essential for Establishing, Implementing, and Sustaining Effective

School Employee Wellness Programs


         Although the District welcomes and encourages participation from all District residents and staff, the following four (4) community/school groups are considered essential for establishing, implementing, and sustaining an effective school employee wellness program:


a)      School personnel who implement the existing wellness programs, as applicable, in the District. They are most likely to be the same professionals who implement health programs for students: school health coordinators, school physicians, school nurses, psychologists, health educators, nutrition professional, and counselors.


b)      Decision makers who have the authority to approve policies and provide the administrative support essential for a successful employee wellness program include School Board members, Superintendents, human resources administrators, fiscal services administrators, and Building Principals.


c)      Employees who will benefit from the wellness programs - "Employees" are not limited to the instructional staff (teachers and instructional aides) but include administrators and all support staff. In addition to the employees, bargaining units that represent them may be interested in understanding these benefits.


d)      Community Stakeholders - Stakeholders in the community who share the mission of improving the health of all residents include officials in public health and voluntary agencies, health care providers, and parents.


         The decision to offer wellness activities will generally be based on a survey of potential participants' interests and motivation, the availability of facilities and resources, and the interests and skills of the health coordinator(s), support staff or volunteers.