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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011, Revised: 7/21/2015

7220 Graduation Requirements/Early Graduation/Accelerated Programs


In order to graduate from Oswego City School District, a student must complete or may exceed the requirements set forth in Part 100 of the Commissioner's regulations. The Board of Education reserves the right to establish requirements for graduation which exceed the minimum standards as defined by the New York State Regents. All students must be in compliance with Commissioner's regulations for graduation to achieve a minimum of a Regents diploma unless otherwise indicated. Therefore, in accordance with applicable law and regulations, the District may award one (1) or more of the following to students:

1)      Regents Diploma;

2)      Regents Diploma with Honors;

3)      Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation;

4)      Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors;

5)      Annotation of Science and/or Math Mastery;

6)      Career and Technical Endorsement.

Pathways to Graduation

In addition to the four (4) Regents examinations or approved alternative exams required of all students in the areas of English, mathematics, science, and social studies, students may satisfy their fifth examination requirement by passing an approved Pathways Assessment that measures an equivalent level of knowledge and skill. This "4+1" option, as set forth in the Commissioner's regulations, permits students to take four (4) Regents examinations and also one (1) Pathways Assessment, as approved by the Commissioner, in the area of Humanities, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Career and Technical Education (CTE), the Arts, or Biliteracy (languages other than English). The "4+1" option does not, however, change existing graduation course or credit requirements and applies to students who first enter grade 9 in September 2011 and thereafter or who are otherwise eligible to receive a high school diploma in June 2015 and thereafter.

Appeal of Regents Examination Score Option

         The District must provide unlimited opportunities for all students to retake required Regents examinations to improve their scores so that the student may graduate with a Regents diploma. Any student who fails, after at least two (2) attempts, to attain a score of 65 or above on a required Regents examination for graduation will have access to the appeals process in accordance with the provisions of Section 100.5(d)(7) of the Commissioner's regulations. No student may appeal his/her score on more than two (2) of the five (5) required Regents examinations. A student whose appeal with a score between 62 and 64 is accepted for one (1) required Regents examination, and who has attained a passing score of 65 or above on each of the four (4) remaining required Regents examinations and fulfilled all other course and testing requirements, shall earn a Regents diploma. A student whose appeal with scores between 62 and 64 is accepted for two (2) required Regents examinations, and who has attained a passing score of 65 or above on each of the three (3) remaining required Regents examinations and who has fulfilled all other course and testing requirements, shall earn a local diploma. Approval of an appeal will not change the student's score on the Regents examination under appeal. In addition, the decision to grant or deny an appeal is made at the District level and is not subject to State Education Department (SED) approval.

English Language Learners

         In addition to the general Regents examination appeals process previously set forth, the following appeals process applies to English Language Learners (ELL) as identified within the Commissioner's regulations. An ELL who first entered school in the United States in grade 9 or above, and who is otherwise eligible to graduate in January 2015 or thereafter, and who also fulfills all other course, testing, and eligibility requirements in accordance with the Commissioner's regulations, may appeal a score of 55-61 on the required Regents examination in English Language Arts (ELA) after two (2) attempts at attaining a score of 65 or above, to graduate with a local diploma provided that such student meets all other criteria in accordance with Commissioner's regulation section 100.5(d)(7).

Early Graduation

         Upon request from the student's parent/guardian, a student shall be eligible for early graduation in fewer than eight (8) semesters upon completion of all requirements for graduation, excluding physical education, as mandated by Commissioner's regulations. A student shall not be required to continue enrollment for the sole purpose of completing physical education requirements.

Accelerated Programs

Eighth Grade Acceleration for Diploma Credits

         Individual eighth grade students may be afforded the opportunity to take high school courses in mathematics and in at least one of the following areas: English, social studies, languages other than English, art, music, career and technical education subjects, or science courses. The Superintendent or his/her designee is responsible for determining whether an eighth grade student is eligible to take high school courses. The District shall utilize a set of criteria to determine each student's readiness for acceleration. Students who are accelerated for diploma credit must have been provided instruction designed to facilitate their attainment of, by the end of grade 7, the State intermediate learning standards in each subject area in which they are accelerated.

Advanced Placement

         Advanced Placement (AP) examinations are administered by the College Board with strict guidelines as to their implementation. A national, standardized, arduous examination is administered by the College Board in May of each year for a great variety of courses in various subject areas. In addition to entering a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school, Advanced Placement examinations afford students the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing in many of the nation's colleges and universities. The District shall utilize a set of criteria to determine a student's readiness for enrollment in the Advanced Placement classes.

Online Coursework

         The District may offer students the ability to complete general education and diploma requirements for a specific subject through online instruction or blended coursework that combines online and classroom-based instruction.

         To receive credit for such online coursework, students must successfully complete an online or blended course and demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes for the subject by passing the Regents exam and/or other assessment in the subject area.

8 NYCRR Sections 100.1(i), 100.2(f), 100.4(d), 100.5, 100.6 and 200.5


NOTE:      Refer also to Policy #7222 -- Diploma and/or Credential Options for Students with



Adopted Date:  12/20/11 Revised Date:  7/21/15, 11/1/16




Policy References:
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Sections 100.1(i), 100.2(f), 100.4(d) and 100.5