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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

7420 Sports and the Athletic Program

Athletics are an integral part of a well balanced educational program. Therefore, the Board supports within its resources a broad sports program with equal access for both males and females, with an emphasis on maximum participation, through interscholastic and intramural activity. The District will comply with recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) regarding Title IX equal opportunity for males and females in the District's total athletic program regarding any of the following factors which may be applicable:


a)      The nature and extent of the sports program to be offered (including the levels of competition, such as varsity, club, etc.);


b)      The provision of equipment and supplies;


c)      The scheduling of games and practice time;


d)      The provision of travel and per diem allowances;


e)      The nature and extent of the opportunity to receive coaching and academic tutoring;


f)      The assignment and compensation of coaches and tutors;


g)      The provision of locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities;


h)      The provision of medical and training facilities and services;


i)       The provision of housing and dining facilities and services; and


j)       The nature and extent of support, publicity and promotion including cheerleading, bands, published programs distributed at games, and booster club activities.


The interscholastic athletic program shall conform to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education as well as the established rules of the New York State Public High Schools Athletic Association and the State Education Department.


Eligibility for interscholastic athletic competition requires that the students:


a)            Provide written parental/guardian consent;


b)            Pass satisfactorily the medical examination administered by the school physician/nurse practitioner or the student's personal physician. The school physician/nurse practitioner retains final approval on all physicals performed by the student's personal physician; and


c)            Meet the requirements for interscholastic competition as set forth by the Commissioner's Regulations and the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

Booster Clubs


         The School District has a responsibility under Title IX to ensure that boys' and girls' programs are provided with equivalent benefits, treatment, services and opportunities regardless of their source. When determining equivalency, benefits, services and opportunities attained through the use of private funds (e.g., "booster clubs"), such funds are considered in combination with all benefits, services and opportunities.


         Private fundraising, including student-initiated fundraising, is permissible under Title IX. Further, compliance with Title IX does not mean that teams must "share" proceeds from fundraising activities. It does, however, place a responsibility on the District to ensure that benefits, services, treatment and opportunities overall, regardless of funding sources, are equivalent for male and female athletes.


         In accordance with OCR, in order for the District to be in continuing compliance with Title IX requirements, the District must assure that services, benefits and opportunities in its athletic programs are provided on an equivalent basis to both boys and girls, including those services, benefits and opportunities that are provided through the use of outside financial assistance such as donations, fundraising by coaches, and booster clubs.


Selection/Classification Process


The Board approves the use of the selection/classification process for all secondary school interscholastic team members. The Board directs the Superintendent to implement the procedures and maintain a file of those students deemed eligible as a result of those procedures.


Student Athletic Injuries


No student should be allowed to practice or play in an athletic contest if he/she is suffering from an injury. The diagnosis of and prescription of treatment for injuries is strictly a medical matter and should under no circumstances be considered within the province of the coach. A coach's responsibility is to see that injured players are given prompt and competent medical attention, and that all details of a doctor's instructions concerning the student's functioning as a team member are carried out. No student will be allowed to practice or compete if there is a question whether he/she is in adequate physical condition.


A physician's certificate may be required before an athlete is permitted to return to practice or competition.

Athletic Program - Safety


The District will take reasonable steps to see that physical risks to students participating in the interscholastic athletic program shall be kept at a minimum by:


a)      Requiring medical examinations of participants;


b)      Obtaining appropriately certified and/or licensed officials to coach all varsity, junior varsity, and modified games; and


c)      Ensuring that equipment is both safe and operative within approved guidelines.


Policy References:
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 United States Code (USC) Section 1681 et seq.
45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 86
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