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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

7440 Student Volunteers for School and Public Service

The Board of Education recognizes the social and scholastic benefits derived from student participation in various community-sponsored activities. However, neither an individual nor the school as a whole shall be permitted to use school time in working on community-sponsored projects unless such an undertaking is deemed to contribute to the educational program. The administration has the responsibility to develop procedures for community groups to request student involvement during school hours, as well as guidelines for the consideration of such request.


Volunteer Services Program


         The Oswego High School Volunteer Services Program has been established to encourage students to participate in public and private community agencies. The primary goals of the program are to develop:


a)            A student who is more mature and socially involved;


b)            A student whose self-image and future outlook is viewed in a positive manner;


c)            A student who is confident in his/her ability to deal with the world and find a role for himself/herself in improving it; and


d)           A student who is concerned for others and can accept and relate to a variety of people.


         Through the volunteer programs, each student will have at least one (1) experience each week in assisting another person and becoming more aware of how others feel, think and behave. Students will demonstrate to adults in the community that they can make a significant contribution to the welfare of others.


         The volunteer program ranges from student involvement in social work, anti-poverty programs, tutoring and educational services, legal services, health clinics, and penal institutions, to child care, geriatrics, and narcotics addiction centers. Students may also work directly with individuals and citizen groups in working for consumer education, ecological concerns and population control.


         The Superintendent of Schools is directed to develop and maintain guidelines for the operation of this program.


         The Board establishes academic credit for volunteer services as follows:


         Students may accumulate a maximum of one-half (1/2) unit per semester or one (1) unit per year for participation in the Volunteer Services Program.