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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011



School Bus Attendants


In accordance with Education Law and Commissioner's Regulations, the employment of each school bus attendant shall be approved by the Superintendent of Schools for each school bus operated within the School District. Approval for employment as a school bus attendant shall be in writing on a form prescribed by the Commissioner of Education.


         As defined in Commissioner's Regulations:


A school bus attendant shall mean any person who is employed for the purpose of serving pupils with a disabling condition on a school bus which is owned, leased, or contracted for by a public school district or Board of Cooperative Educational Services.


All school bus monitors and attendants shall be at least nineteen (19) years of age and shall have the physical and mental ability to satisfactorily perform his/her duties.


On order of the Superintendent of Schools, each attendant may be examined by a duly licensed physician within two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of such attendant's service in each school year. The written report of the physician shall be considered by the Superintendent in determining the fitness of the attendant to carry out his/her functions. The examining physician shall require the attendant to undergo any diagnostic tests that are necessary to determine the physical and mental ability of the attendant to perform his/her duties.


Each school bus attendant of a school bus owned, leased, or contracted for by a school district or Board of Cooperative Educational Services shall pass a physical performance test approved by the Commissioner.


A school bus attendant who fails any portion of the physical performance test shall be deemed unqualified to perform the duties of that position. The attendant may request a re-examination. The cost of such re-examination shall be borne by the employer if the attendant passes the re-examination, or by the attendant if he/she fails the re-examination.


All school bus attendants shall meet the qualifications and/or certification requirements as enumerated in law and/or Commissioner's Regulations. Further, pursuant to Commissioner's Regulations, school bus attendants shall receive pre-service instruction, safety training, specialized training, and refresher training.


Special Requirements


         Every school bus attendant serving students with a disabling condition shall receive school bus safety training and instruction relating to the special needs of such students. Such training shall include guidance on the proper techniques for  assisting  disabled  students in  entering and  exiting  the school bus and shall include instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) where such skills are required as part of the individualized education plan (IEP) prepared for the student. Such training and instruction shall also include any additional first aid or health emergency skills that the Commissioner of Education deems appropriate and necessary for school bus attendants to possess. In addition, school bus attendants shall demonstrate the ability to perform procedures necessary in emergency situations as deemed appropriate by the Commissioner of Education.


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