Oswego City School District
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Oswego, New York 13126
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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011
1000 - BY-LAWS

1420 Execution of Policies: Administrative Regulations


         The execution, administration and enforcement of all policies of the District is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools. He/she shall report to and be accountable to the Board of Education and not any officer, committee or individual member of the Board, in fulfilling this responsibility. Administrative regulations must in every respect be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board. The Board shall be kept informed periodically of any changes made in administrative regulations.


Development of Regulations


         The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for developing regulations consistent with policies of the Board of Education. In developing such regulations, the Superintendent shall, whenever feasible, seek the advice and opinions of any staff member who will be affected by the proposed regulations, and establish procedures to ensure that such advice and opinions are received.


         The Superintendent shall give due weight to the opinions of staff, especially those offered by representatives of any groups. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of any advice or opinions given by staff in presenting reports of administrative action or when presenting recommendations for action by the Board.


Board Review of Regulations


         The Board of Education shall review and approve any administrative regulations establishing or affecting curricula. The Board may review any other regulations, at its discretion, to determine whether the regulation conforms with adopted policy.


Regulations Dissemination


         Regulations promulgated by the Superintendent of Schools shall be included in the Administrative Regulations manual and disseminated in the same manner as Board of Education policies.