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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

3412 Threats of Violence in School

The School District is committed to the prevention of violence against any individual or property in the schools or at school activities whether such acts and/or threats of violence are made by students, staff, or others.


         The School is committed to the prevention of violence against any individual or property in the schools or at school activities, whether such acts and/or threats of violence are made by students, staff, or others. Threats of violence against students, school personnel, and/or school property will not be tolerated whether or not such threats occur on school grounds or during the school day.


         Any acts and/or threats of violence, including bomb threats, whether made orally, in writing, by e-mail or by any other electronic format, shall be subject to appropriate discipline in accordance with applicable law, District policies and regulations, as well as the Student Discipline Code of Conduct and collective bargaining agreements, as may be necessary.


         While acknowledging an individual's constitutional rights, including applicable due process rights, the District refuses to condone acts and/or threats of violence which threaten the safety and well being of staff, students, and the school environment. Employees and students shall refrain from engaging in threats or physical actions which create a safety hazard for others.


         All staff who are made aware of physical acts and/or threats of violence directed to students or staff are to report such incidents to the Building Principal/designee, who shall report such occurrences to the Superintendent. Additionally, the Building Principal/designee will also report occurrences of violence, whether involving an actual confrontation or threat of potential violence, to the school psychologist and/or Director of Special Education if applicable. Local law enforcement agencies may be called as necessary upon the determination of the Superintendent/designee.


         Students are to report all acts and/or threats of violence, including threats of suicide, of which they are aware by reporting such incidents to a faculty member, administrator or any other District employee.


         The District reserves the right to seek restitution, in accordance with law, from the parent/guardian and/or student for any costs or damages which had been incurred by the District as a result of the threats or acts of violence in the schools.


         This policy will be enforced in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as collective bargaining agreements and the Code of Conduct as may be necessary. Additionally, this policy will be disseminated, as appropriate, to students, staff, and parents and will be available to the general public upon request.


         Regulations will be developed to address safety concerns in the schools, and appropriate sanctions for violations of this policy by students will be addressed in the Student Discipline Code of Conduct.


Definitions of Violence


a)      Violence is any act, intentional or not, that attempts to hurt or hurts an individual, group, or organization, their property, dignity, possessions or reputation. Violence can be physical, emotional, mental or social.


1.      Simply stated:


Violence is any word, look, sign, or act that hurts a person's body, feelings or possessions.


2.      Statement of Policy:


No one is entitled to be violent, and violence will not be tolerated at school, on school-sponsored transportation, or at any school sponsored activities.


b)      No student, parent, staff member, community member or any other person shall be allowed to intimidate, threaten to harm, or cause harm to any person or property during school sponsored or school related activities. Such unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:


1.      Physical violence:


Any act that does harm to a person or property by means of physical action. Physical violence against another person is any act that does bodily harm or that disregards potential harm. Physical violence against property is any act that damages or that disregards potential damage to public or private property, whatever its monetary value.


2.      Social Violence:


Behaviors which may or may not be intended to damage self-esteem or social status within a group. Social violence also encompasses relational aggression and indirect aggression. Relational aggression is an act that harms others through damage (or threat of damage) to relationships or feelings of acceptance, friendship or group inclusion. Indirect aggression includes covert behaviors which make it seem as if there has been no intent to harm at all.


3.      Verbal Violence:


Oral, written or typed communication that threatens, demeans, harasses or hurts another person, or his/her reputation.


4.      Visual Violence:


An image, a non-physical action, a motion or a gesture that threatens, demeans, harasses or hurts another person. Note: Visual violence often overlaps physical, social and/or verbal violence.