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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

7133 Foreign Exchange Students

School Recognition


a)      The number of school foreign exchange organizations shall be limited to those which have a faculty member designated as a representative by the Oswego High School Executive Principal. To request placement for exchange students, these international organizations must secure the approval of the Oswego High School Executive Principal and complete the approval process as stated below. The request for a foreign exchange student will be made by the second language faculty representative to the related house Principal according to the prescribed deadlines.


b)      All other international placement organizational representatives must:


         1.      Meet with the Principal to discuss the proposed placement by July 1.


         2.      Meet with the Oswego High School Executive Principal and the host parents by July 10 to conclude final written acceptance for placement.


         3.      Complete and submit the required application materials by July 15. These include the standard organizational student packet, Oswego City School District placement policy form and the host family registration form.


Program Selection


         The foreign exchange student and the host family must meet with the student's counselor no later than August 15 of the upcoming year for course selection and school orientation. If the student's arrival date will be later, arrangements must be made for an extension of the deadline.


Number of Students


         The total number of foreign exchange students who may register at Oswego High School shall be limited to five (5) or more as determined by the Superintendent in consultation with the Oswego High School Executive Principal.


Acceptance by School


         No foreign exchange student will be accepted at Oswego High School without prior written approval of the Oswego High School Executive Principal and completion of a valid pre-arranged immigration form, as well as completion of the provisions of this policy.


Participation in Interscholastic Athletics


         A student shall be eligible for inter-school competition in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 until his/her nineteenth birthday. If the age of nineteen (19) years is reached on or after September 1, the student may continue to participate during that school year in all sports.