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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011
1000 - BY-LAWS

1511 Board Meeting Procedures/Agenda


         Each Board of Education meeting shall be conducted in an orderly manner which provides time for and encourages community involvement under the portion on the agenda entitled "Offer of Floor to Visitors". The order of business at each regular meeting shall be as follows:


a)            Call to order;

b)            Motion for Executive Session;

c)            Adjourn Executive Session;

d)           Recess;

e)            Motion to Re-Call Meeting to Order for Public Session;

f)             Offer of floor to visitors;

g)            Consent agenda;

h)            Recommended actions

1.      Board of Education;

2.      Instruction;

3.      Personnel;

4.      Finance;

i)              Superintendent's report;

j)              Items from Board members;

k)            Discussion items;

l)              Adjournment.


         In order to allow the Board to focus its attention on policy issues and matters that impact the educational mission of the District, items to be acted upon by the Board may be placed within the Consent agenda. Upon the request of the Superintendent or any other Board member, either following review of the agenda in advance of the meeting or at the Board meeting, any item so placed within the Consent agenda shall be relocated to the appropriate subheading within "Recommended actions" and acted upon by the Board as separate resolutions. Resolutions relocated in this manner shall be identified as being upon the presentation and recommendation of the Superintendent.


         Each recommended action appearing on the agenda of the Board shall be acted upon by the Board and approved, amended, rejected, tabled, or deleted.


         The regular order of business may be changed at any meeting (and for that meeting only) by an affirmative vote of a majority and voting for the proposed change in the regular order of business.


         Except in emergencies, the Board of Education shall not attempt to decide upon any question under consideration before examining and evaluating relevant information. The Superintendent of Schools shall be given an opportunity to examine and to evaluate all such information, and to recommend action before the Board attempts to make a decision.


         The Board may adjourn a regular or special meeting at any place in the agenda providing that arrangements are made to complete the items of business on the agenda at a future meeting. The minutes shall make note of the adjournment, and the reconvened session shall be considered an addition to these minutes.


Agenda Preparation and Dissemination


         Items to be included on the routine agenda of the Board of Education shall be delivered to the President of the Board or the Superintendent of Schools, in writing, no later than the Wednesday preceding the scheduled Board meeting and prior to the agenda review meeting. This is to ensure the inclusion of such agenda items on the prepared agenda which is delivered to members of the Board on the Thursday preceding the meeting.


         During the course of any meeting, a member of the Board may introduce recommended actions other than those which appear on the regular or supplemental agenda provided that such action is deemed necessary by the majority of the Board.


         In the case of agenda items which arise between the Wednesday preceding the Board meeting and the date of the Board meeting, such items shall be given to the Superintendent or the President of the Board, in writing, for inclusion on a supplemental agenda. The supplemental agenda shall be submitted to Board members at or before the start of said meeting, and shall be kept to a minimum, consistent with the requirements for advance study by Board members and avoidance of meeting delay.


         Any item recommended for action on the agenda for any regular or special meeting of the Board which is tabled and deferred shall be regularly placed on the agenda for the next regular Board meeting and on the agenda for each succeeding meeting until definite action is finally taken on the item in question.