Oswego City School District
120 East First Street
Oswego, New York 13126
Phone: 315-341-2000


Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

3413 Canine Searches

The Oswego City School District (OCSD) Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the Board of Education determined that the District's commitment to the health and safety of students and staff may require it to utilize canines that are trained to detect illegal drugs and/or explosives. This procedure is established to govern the use of such canines on school property.


         The Executive Principal or Building Principal is designated as the contact person and this person will determine if and when and how often a trained canine will be called to an Oswego City School District property. When this decision has been made, the following procedures will apply:


a)      No person will be notified in advance of the arrival of the canine and handler except the Building Principal and/or designee one (1) hour prior to the search.


b)      The building administrator will accompany the canine(s) and handler(s) on tours of OCSD property.


c)      When conducted in schools, an attempt will be made to conduct searches when students are in classrooms.


d)      The OCSD may use canines trained in narcotics/explosives to sniff objects that are not affixed to an individual student, such as but not limited to, lockers, desks, book bags, purses, backpacks, and student vehicles parked on school property, or any article of personal property that has been discarded or abandoned at any time without prior notice.


e)      When searches are conducted on school property, a report will be completed by the School Resource Officer and forwarded to the Executive Principal, Building Principal, or Superintendent or his/her designee within two (2) school days.