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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011

2330 Board Member Compensation and Expenses


         No member of the Board may receive any compensation for his/her services unless he/she shall also serve as District Clerk and be paid as Clerk. All members of the Board of Education may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in representing the District. All bills or claims for reimbursement must be itemized in reasonable detail.


Conference Travel for Newly Elected Board Members


         In accordance with General Municipal Law, the Board, by a majority vote, may authorize a newly elected Board member whose term of office has not yet commenced to attend a conference. Such conference travel shall be for official District business and shall be made utilizing a cost-effective and reasonable method of travel.


         Authorization must be by resolution adopted prior to such attendance and duly entered in the minutes. However, the Board may delegate the power to authorize such attendance at a conference to the Board President or Board Vice President.




         Members of the Board of Education shall be reimbursed for the use of personal vehicle for official school business when and as authorized by the Board. The rate of reimbursement shall be determined by the Board.


         An official log of daily mileage shall be maintained by the mileage claimant. It shall be approved by the Board before submission for payment. The daily log shall include date, mileage, purpose and places traveled to and from.


         In-District travel shall be submitted for payment on daily mileage logs. Conference travel shall be submitted for payment on daily mileage logs with a properly signed District invoice.


         Reimbursement shall not be paid for driving to and from work, from one's home or for driving to and from professional meetings within the District.


Travel-Advancement of Expense Funds for Conferences


         The Board recognizes the need to advance expense funds to Board members prior to attending conferences. There is also a need for financial accounting for such advancement of funds.


         The Board is to have the sole authority to approve the advancement of expense funds to Board members attending various conferences and no funds will be advanced unless the estimated expenditure is over one hundred dollars ($100).

The Clerk of the Board shall advance funds based upon the submission of approved conference request forms completed per applicable Regulation.


         All applicants requesting advancement of funds shall be responsible, within seven (7) days of returning from the conference, for the submission of all unused money with receipts for hotel/motel accommodations, car rentals, etc., to the Clerk of the Board.


         All conference expenses (advancement of funds) are to be accounted for to the Board by furnishing copies of the advance

Policy References:
Education Law Section 2118
General Municipal Law Section 77-b and 77-b(2)