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Extraclassroom Activity Funds
Policy # 5520

An extraclassroom activity fund shall be established for activities conducted by students whose financial support is raised other than by taxation or through charges of the Board of Education.


All extraclassroom activities shall be approved by the Board of Education. The Building Principal shall maintain an up to date register of all extraclassroom activities that are approved or discontinued. Each extraclassroom activity shall have a faculty advisor appointed by the Building Principal. A Central Treasurer and a Faculty Auditor shall oversee all financial aspects of extraclassroom activities. The annual District audit will include all extraclassroom activity funds.


         All extraclassroom activity funds shall be handled in accordance with the financial procedures illustrated by Finance Pamphlet No. 2, the Safeguarding, Accounting and Auditing of Extraclassroom Activity Funds 2008, published by the New York State Education Department. All commitments and contracts shall be the sole responsibility of the extraclassroom activity club giving rise to the transaction, regardless of a change in advisors, membership or officers.


Proper books will be kept and all moneys deposited in appropriate accounts as set up by the Board of Education. These accounts shall be subject to audit. All transactions involving extraclassroom funds shall be on a cash basis and no accounts shall remain unpaid at the end of the school year. Funds shall be invested in accordance with the Board of Education's Fiscal Management Policy on the "Investment of District Funds".


The extraclassroom activities of the District are not included in the exemption granted to the School District from New York State sales tax. Without exception, clubs and activities are prohibited from using the school's tax exemption. The Central Treasurer shall be responsible for filing the periodic sales tax returns for the extraclassroom activity funds.


         Funds of discontinued extraclassroom activities and of graduating classes shall revert to the account of the general student organization or student council and shall be expended in accordance with the organization's constitution.


The Building Principals, with approval of the Superintendent of Schools, shall set up procedures for receipt and payment from the extraclassroom activity fund in their respective schools.


Payment of Sales Tax


         Student organizations, when acting as vendors to resell items, are not included in the Tax Law exemption granted to the District. Administrators will inform the Central Treasurer and faculty advisors of sales restrictions, vendor requirements, and activities which are subject to sales tax.


         Suppliers to student organizations shall not be asked to accept the District's tax exemption certificate for items to be resold at an activity.

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee will develop procedures for registering with the tax department, filing for resale certificates, collecting and paying sales tax.


Policy References:
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Part 172

NOTE: Refer also to Policy #1336 -- Duties of the Extraclassroom Activities Fund Treasurer
#5620 -- Inventories and Accounting of Fixed Assets

Policy Cross References:
 » 2210 - Committees of the Board

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011