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Duties of the Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer and Faculty Advisor
Policy # 1336


Central Treasurer


The Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Education and is responsible for the supervision of the extraclassroom activity fund.


The Treasurer's duties include the following:


         a)      Countersigns all checks disbursing funds from the Extraclassroom Activity Account;


         b)      Provides general supervision to ensure that all receipts are deposited and that disbursements are made by check only;


         c)      Maintains records of all receipts and expenditures;


         d)      Submits records and reports to the Board as required;


         e)      Assumes other duties customary to the position.


Faculty Auditor


         The Extraclassroom Activity Fund Faculty Auditor is appointed by the Board of Education and is responsible for auditing of all financial transactions of the fund.


         The Auditor's duties include:


         a)      Examine the statement of accounts from the Central Treasurer once each month;


         b)      Audit the ledgers kept by student treasurers at least twice per year;


         c)      Examine transactions and procedures to determine if correct;


         d)      Certify the accuracy of entries posted and available balances listed;


         e)      Investigate instances when Central Treasurer's report and club ledgers do not agree; and


         f)      Prepare yearend report summarizing the financial condition of each activity and submit to Principal and Board of Education.



Policy References:
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations
(NYCRR) Part 172

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011
1000 - BY-LAWS