Policy Information
Series 8000 - INSTRUCTION
Request for Part 100 Variance or Part 200 Innovative Program Waiver From Commissioner's Regulations
Policy # 8120


The Board of Education encourages collaboration by teachers, administrators, parents and students of the District in developing innovative educational programs and practices that will lead to greater achievement for all students.


Requests for a variance or waiver from the requirements in Part 100 and Sections 200.1/200.6, respectively, of the Commissioner's Regulations must be approved by the local Board of Education and signed by the Superintendent of Schools. An application may also be submitted by several districts, or a combination of districts, BOCES and/or private schools, applying as a consortium. Consortium applications must be approved by each participating local Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools.


Subsequent to Board of Education approval, all applications must be forwarded to the District Superintendent of Schools of which the local District is a part for review, consultation, and recommendation prior to submission to the State Education Department. The District Superintendent may provide technical assistance to the applicant and make recommendations to the State Education Department. Interested applicants may also request technical assistance through their Regional Education Coordinator.


Policy References:
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Sections 100.2(n), 200.1 and 200.6(k)

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011