Policy Information
Use of the District Credit Card
Policy # 5321

The School District may issue a credit card or cards in its name for the use of its officers and designated employees for authorized, reimbursable, school business related expenses. The maximum credit limit on each card shall be as designated by the Board of Education. However, authorized personnel must submit purchase orders for those school business related expenses, such as tuition charges for attendance at conference, travel expenses, and lodging, where costs may be fairly and accurately estimated prior to the actual incurring of expenses.


         Only those officers and District personnel designated by the Board of Education shall be authorized for the use of a District credit card.


         Expenses incurred on each credit card shall be paid in such a manner as to avoid interest charges. The credit card(s) shall be locked in a secure place in the Superintendent's Office.


Policy Cross References:
 » 6161 - Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011