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Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments
Policy # 5323

Travel Outside of District/Emergency Meetings


         School District officials and employees are entitled to reimbursement for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties. However, it is the position of the New York State Comptroller's Office that meals of public officers and employees generally should not be reimbursed or paid by the municipal entity unless the officer or employee is traveling outside his/her regular work area on official business for an extended period of time, or where events prevent them from taking off during mealtime for food consumption because of a pressing need to complete business. All requests for reimbursement must document who attended the meetings and how the meetings fit these conditions.


Staff/Board Meetings and District Events


         The Board of Education recognizes that, occasionally, it may be appropriate to provide meals and/or refreshments (excluding alcoholic beverages) for District officials, employees, and participating community members at District meetings and events which are held for pressing business purposes that are immediate in nature. Any expenditure on such meals and or refreshments must be approved in advance by the appropriate administrator.


         Any expenditure for meals and refreshments (excluding alcoholic beverages) must be appropriately documented with the original itemized receipt and submitted for payment to the vendor in compliance with purchasing policies and procedures and claims audit requirements. Vendor payments must comply with the District's Purchasing Policy #5410. Employees will not be reimbursed for meal and refreshment expenses incurred for these business meetings.



Policy References:
Education Law 2118
General Municipal Law 103
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NOTE: Refer also to Policy #5410 -- Purchasing
#6161 -- Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement

Policy Cross References:
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Adoption Date: 12/20/2011