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Series 1000 - BY-LAWS
Special Meetings of the Board of Education
Policy # 1520


Special meetings of the Board shall be held on call by any member of the Board. A reasonable and good faith effort shall be made by the Superintendent or the Board President, as the case may be, to give every member of the Board twenty-four (24) hours' notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting. All special meetings shall be held at a regular meeting place of the Board and/or in accordance with provisions of the Open Meetings Law as may be applicable.


Ordinarily, twenty-four (24) hour notice will be given for a special meeting. In an emergency, however, when all members can otherwise be notified of the meeting, all members may, at the meeting, waive in writing, the lack of twenty-four (24) hour notice.


Public notice of the time and place shall be given, to the extent practicable, to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one (1) or more designated public locations at a reasonable time prior to the meeting.




Policy References:
Education Law Section 1606(3)
Public Officers Law Sections 103 and 104

NOTE: Refer also to Policy #1510 -- Regular Board Meetings

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011
1000 - BY-LAWS