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School District Standards and Guidelines for Web Page Publishing
Policy # 3120

  General Criteria

          The availability of Internet access in the School District provides an opportunity for staff and students to access information and contribute to the School District's presence on the World Wide Web. The District/school/classroom websites must relate to curriculum or instructional matters, school authorized activities, or general information of interest to the public pertaining to the District or its schools. Staff and students are prohibited from publishing personal home pages or links to personal home pages as part of the District/school/classroom Web Page(s). Similarly, no individual or outside organization will be permitted to publish personal Web Pages as part of the District/school/classroom Web Page(s).

         Internet access for the creation of Web Pages is provided by the District and all information must be reviewed by the Website Manager prior to publishing it on the Web. Personnel designing information for the Web Pages must familiarize themselves with and adhere to District standards and procedures. Failure to follow District standards or responsibilities may result in disciplinary sanctions in accordance with law and/or the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

         The District will ensure that any and all notifications and documents required by law, regulation, or District policy to be posted on its website will be so published.

Content Standards

a)      Approval for posting a Web Page must be obtained from the Website Manager or his/her designee(s). If at any time, the Website Manager/designee(s) believes the proposed material does not meet the standards approved by the District, it will not be published on the Web. Decisions regarding access to active Web Pages for editing content or organization will be the responsibility of the Website Manager/designee(s).

b)      A Web Page must be sponsored by a member of the District faculty, staff or administration who will be responsible for its content, design, currency and maintenance. The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that those constructing and maintaining the Web Page have the necessary technical training and that they fully understand and adhere to District policies and regulations. The Web Page must include the name of the sponsor.

c)      Staff or student work should be published only as it relates to a school/classroom authorized project or other school-related activity, and in compliance with any and all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

  d)      The review of a Student Web Page (if considered a school-sponsored student publication) shall be subject to prior District review as would any other school-sponsored student publication.

e)      An authorized teacher who is publishing the final Web Page(s) for himself/herself or for a student will edit and test the Page(s) for accuracy of links and check for conformance with District standards and practices.

f)      Commercial advertising or marketing on the District/school/classroom Web Page(s) (or the use of school-affiliated Web Pages for the pursuit of personal or financial gain) shall be prohibited unless otherwise authorized in accordance with law and/or regulation. Decisions regarding website advertising must be consistent with existing District policies and practices on this matter. School-affiliated Web Pages may mention outside organizations only in the context of school programs that have a direct relationship to those organizations (e.g., sponsorship of an activity, student community service project).

g)      Web Pages may include faculty or staff names; however, other personal information about employees including, but not limited to, home telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or other identifying information such as names of family members may be published only with the employee's written permission.

h)      All Web Pages must conform to the standards for appropriate use found in the District's Acceptable Use Policy(ies) and accompanying Regulations regarding standards of acceptable use; examples of inappropriate behavior; and compliance with applicable laws, privacy, and safety concerns.

 i)       All staff and/or students authorized to publish material on the District/school/classroom Web Page(s) shall acknowledge receipt of the District's Web Page Standards and agree to comply with same prior to posting any material on the Web.


Release of Student Education Records/Directory Information

The District will not permit students' personally identifiable information to be posted on any District Web Pages unless such action is consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and District policy.

Bus Schedules

Online posting of school bus schedules and/or other specific activity schedules detailing dates/times/locations (e.g., field trips) is prohibited on school-affiliated websites as such information can pose risks of child abduction or other security concerns. Password protected websites may be authorized by the Superintendent/designee.

Use of Copyrighted Materials and "Fair Use" Exceptions

 Copyrighted Materials

         All employees and students are prohibited from copying materials not specifically allowed by the copyright law, "Fair Use" guidelines, licenses or contractual agreements, or the permission of the copyright proprietor. Web Page publications must include a statement of copyright when appropriate and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted materials or notice that such publication is in accordance with the "Fair Use" provisions of the Copyright Law.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

         Web Pages that do not comply with the above criteria are subject to revocation of approval and removal from the District/school/classroom websites.



          Faculty or staff posting non-approved or inappropriate material on a school-affiliated website are subject to discipline, including possible suspension or revocation of access to the District's computer network, in accordance with law and applicable collective bargaining agreements. In the case that a violation may constitute a criminal offense, it will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


         Students posting non-approved or inappropriate material on a school-affiliated website are subject to discipline, including possible suspension or revocation of access to the District's computer network, in accordance with applicable due process procedures and the District Code of Conduct. In the case that a violation may constitute a criminal offense, it will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


          The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee shall have the authority to approve or deny the posting of any proposed Web Pages on school-affiliated websites based upon compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this policy as well as applicable District practices and procedures.



Policy References:
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), 17 USC Sections 101 et seq., 512 and 1201 et seq.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 USC Section 1232(g)
34 CFR Parts 99 and 201

NOTE: Refer also to Policies #7241 -- Student Directory Information

#7411 -- Censorship of School-Sponsored Student Publications and Activities
#8350 -- Use of Copyrighted Materials

Adoption Date: 12/20/2011, Revised: 5/6/2014