Policy Information
Series 8000 - INSTRUCTION
Adult Education Program
Policy # 8140


         The Board of Education authorizes the District, in cooperation with the Oswego County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), to participate in a county-wide Adult Continuing Education Program in accordance with administrative guidelines.


         The Board recognizes that certain individuals are not financially able to afford Adult Education fees required to take courses which would train them for job placement or advancement. Therefore, the Board will fund a portion of the required fees for individuals that require such courses and are willing to substantiate hardship cases by use of eligibility determinations relative to family income, as determined annually by the New York State Education Department, Family Gross Income Eligibility Criteria Report. This report is on file in the District's Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education and Instructional/Administrative Technology.


         The amount to be funded shall be determined on an annual basis. Such support is limited to residents of the Oswego City School District.


         The President of the Board is authorized and directed annually to sign a contract on behalf of the Board participation in the Oswego County BOCES Adult Continuing Education Program.


Adoption Date: 12/20/2011