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Math 8
Curriculum Outline

8th Grade Common Core Info -

Module 1 – Exponent Rules

ü  Integer Exponents

ü  Scientific Notation

ü  Operations with Exponents

ü  Operations with Scientific Notation



Module 2 - Congruence


ü  Reflections

ü  Translations

ü  Rotations

ü  Congruent Figures

ü  Angles – // lines cut by a transversal, Complementary, Supplementary, Vertical

ü  Triangles


Module 3 - Similarity

ü  Dilations

ü  Similar Figures

ü  More Angles

ü  Triangles


Module 4 – Linear Equations

ü  Solving Equations

ü  Tables

ü  Graphing

ü  Systems of Equations

ü  Linear vs. Non-linear


Module 5 - Functions

ü  Indentifying Types of Functions

ü  Writing Function Rules

ü  Graphing Functions

ü  Volume


Module 6 – Scatter Plots


ü  Correlations

ü  Linear vs. Non-linear

ü  Line of Best Fit



Module 7 – Pythagorean Theorem


ü  Square Roots

ü  Cube Roots

ü  Right Triangles

ü  Graphically

ü  Real World Examples


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