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For All Teachers

     Teaching Language Through Content



This technique focuses not only on learning a new language through content,

but using that language as a medium to learn mathematics,

science, social studies, or other academic subjects.


This approach is considered a

 best practice for all teachers.  


One of the reasons for the ever increasing interest among

 educators in developing content-based language instruction

is the proven success of the SIOP Model with its focus on both language

and content objectives, and the Common Core concept that all teachers

 are both  language and content instructors. 



Teaching Academic Content and Literacy for ELLs:


Shelby County ESL Website-Science Resources


Math Instruction for ELLs


Reading and Understanding Written Math Problems


Preparing an Engaging Social Studies Lesson for ELLs


Using Timelines to Enhance Comprehension


PASO PARTNERS-Integrating Math, Science & Language



Laura Stevens