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            NYSESLAT  2016             





                                Every April & May all NYS ESL students are given a state mandated test (NYSESLAT) to assess their proficiency and growth in English.

 Cada mayo, los estudiantes en ESL toman un examen de mandato del estado de Nueva York que se llama NYSESLAT para evaluar sus habilidades y progreso en inglés.

Speaking 2016: April 12-May 13

Reading, Writing & Listening 2016: May 2-May 13

Submit to Scoring Center by May 27th

2016 NYSESLAT Information/2016 Turnkey Training

2016 School Administrator's Manual


There were 5 fundamental changes or shifts in 2015:

1. Measures CCLS and 5 New Language Arts (NLA) Progressions

2. Performance levels:

(The five levels:Entering, Emerging, Transitioning,

Expanding, and Commanding at which each student is identified by the NYSESLAT

to describe the student’s academic English language proficiency)

3. Integrated approach to modalities (R,W,L)

4. Text complexity:

Focuses on aspects of instruction

that students encounter in content-area classrooms

5. Instructionally relevant academic language:

The questions focus on the language and language structures

that support the content as opposed to the content itself

*See NYSESLAT 2015 Turnkey Training

            (Contact Mid-state RBERN at for more information)



                                2016 NYSESLAT






          2016 Kndergarten NYSESLAT




 Resources for the 2016 NYSESLAT 





         graphics from

NYSESLAT Webinettes




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Laura Stevens