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My ESL Page » NYS Bilingual Common Core Initiative

NYS Bilingual Common Core Initiative



ELLs and the Common Core Curriculum:



New Terminology!

New Language Arts Progressions: Formerly English as a Second Language Learning Standards

Home Language Arts Progressions: Formerly Native Language Arts Learning Standards


New Language Acquisition Levels!

5 Levels of Language Progressions (Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding and Commanding)

Formerly 4 Levels (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient)


New Theoretical Foundations

-Integration of content and language in new language development.

-Bilingualism is a point of departure for all language instruction and a goal for all language learners.

-Intended as a guide for ESL, Bilingual, and LOTE teachers to provide accessible Common Core instruction to students of various language proficiency and literacy levels.




Next Steps

Once a complete set of Progressions are created, the Department will conduct another public review and comment period in spring 2013.

The Department is seeking to complete the writing of the Progressions by the summer of 2013 to present to the Regents. These changes will need the approval of the Board of Regents.


Common Core Curriculums are in the process of being written for ESL,

Bilingual Education and Native Language Arts.


Scaffolding for ELLs will be written as part of the ELA and Math Common

 Core Curriculums.



Laura Stevens