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Technology Integration

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Hello, we are Peri and Dan! We are very excited to be working with Oswego City School District as your Computer Education Coordinators.

You can call on us to assist with integrating technology into lessons, Google Apps, iPad training, iPad Apps, SMARTBoard training, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, the Google Suite, help with Web 2.0 tools, and so much more!

Although we are housed in FLS, you will find us "out and about" in your buildings!

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Peri's In-District days change weekly. 

Dan's In-District days alternate Monday and Tuesdays.

Please check the calendar below to confirm which days we are in district.

Please create an appointment on our calendar to meet with one of us.

We look forward to working with you!

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Workshops can be found at:
Oswego CSD PD Site
CiTi MyLearningPlan Catalog


Various Web2.0 Sites and other helpful links
Redirects for Common Core Modules

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Oswego City School District
Frederick Leighton Elementary
Room 113
Main Office Phone Number: x2700
Room phone: x7714
CiTi Cell Phone Numbers: 
Peri: 315.297.9300
Dan: 315.456.8408

A list of Frequently Asked Questions for OCSD.

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A listing of all the tech tips sent out to OCSD via email.

schedule appointment

You must be logged in to your Oswego Google Apps account in order
to see the appointment scheduling form.

Please click here to schedule an appointment with Peri or Dan 


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This calendar shows the appointment slots that are scheduled for Peri and Dan. To see when Peri and Dan are in district or to schedule an appointment, please click the Schedule an appointment link above.

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