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Adventure Activities

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Adventure Activities

What types of Activities:  inch worm, spiders cradle, bombs away, blind leading the blind.  These activities all are based on trust, communication, and working well with others.

Why teach them:  One of the major elements of Physical education is both socialization and working well with others.  And this unit is used primarily in the 4-6 as a means for students to come out of their "Comfort Zone" and put their trust in a peer.  The other major aspect of this unit is their cognitive ability, or their ability to work out a problem.  In the activity inch worm, a group of students are on a mat, and they must use the mat to get from one side of the gym to the other without allow anyone to step off of the mat while everyone must remain on it.  How do you get a group from one side to the next?  This type of activity requires a large amount of team work as well as communication within the group.  Students will need to learn how to work well with others in the future as well as in life, this gives them a good start.


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