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Health Education

Here are some websites with great

Health Education for Youth and Families

My Pyramid

This webiste is from the United States Department of Agriculture and is designed to illustrate the food pyramid for each individual.  Everyones own health is different than the next person.  This webpage helps citizens and students to understand the food pyramid but also helps you set it up for you personally.  Wonderful site to visit, very educational, and the one I reccomend people visit!

Learn to Be Healthy

This webpage is designed towards Health Science and students.  This site has a lot of wonderful information and great activities for all the grade levels and for educators as well.  I reccomend this site for both students, parents, and educators.  Great information.

WHO - World Health Organization

This webpage is designed for the world and the healths issues facing the world, not just here in America.  This site also discusses some fo the healthy education programs that can help the health of our youth

Healthy Schools - Healthy Youth

The CDC has released this webpage with Americas youth in mind.  The National Center for Disease Control has been one of the biggest contributors to the health facts of the United States.  Including is the statistics for each of the states.  Search this site.  Some of the statistics are incredibly useful for so many things.

Exercise Guide for Kids

I nice and friendly little guide that was send to me by a friend in education who does some after school activities for kids to stay active.  Check it out.

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    pdf My Pyramid (pdf file - 3.33 MB)
    My Pyramid

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