What It Means to be a Buc at Leighton

Leighton students take part in PBIS

Students at Frederick Leighton Elementary School gathered together at a Welcome Back Assembly following the long holiday vacation to review expectations for being a Leighton Buc.

Students in K-3 formed small groups with each grade represented. The third grader in each group, reading from an iPad, asked their group a question about behavior expectations and the group had to come up with the correct answer. Using the program called Kahoot! Each group locked in their answer which then appeared on a large screen at the front of the room for all to see.

Answers were discussed and positive behaviors were reinforced in further detail as needed. Students in grades 4-6 had a very similar assembly separate from the younger students, one major difference being that each student had their own device to use.

Feedback from each event suggests that reviewing PBIS expectations in this way is effective, engaging, and fun. PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System, is a three-tiered behavior management program.

The Welcome Back Assemblies were a component of Tier 1 which targets every student equally and aims to inform students of the behavior expectations for being a successful Leighton Buc.