Minetto Elementary

Minetto Elementary School

Jennifer Sullivan
Minetto Elementary 

2411 County Route 8
Minetto, New York 13115

P:  315-341-2600
F:  315-341-2960


Thank you for visiting the Minetto School Website. On behalf of the faculty and staff at the Minetto Elementary School, I would like to welcome you to our website. An interesting bit of history is that Minetto School has been the anchor of the Town of Minetto since the 1860’s and did not join the Oswego City School District until 1963.  We are most certainly a unique community school that is proud of our presence in this town for well over 100 years!
Not only are we proud of our history, we boast of our exemplary special education program. In addition, we offer a variety of services and programs as we strive to meet the needs of all learners regardless of their ability. Our belief is that we meet children where they are at and take them as far as they can possibly go-the sky is the limit. We continually strive to do everything we can to enrich the learning experiences for all students. If we believe, they will achieve.
As a building principal, I find myself fortunate to have highly dedicated educators, therapists, and support staff members who truly care about our students’ well being and success. While they are under our care we consider each other one another’s day time family. On a daily basis we are preparing them for their future. They will be “fully prepared and life ready”!

Minetto School: A Place Where We: Know What is Right, Choose What is Right, and Do What is Right. A Place Where We: Remain Student Centered, Preparing ALL children for a BRILLIANT FUTURE.

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