Title IX

Non-Discrimination Policy
The Board of Education affirms its commitment to non-discrimination and recognizes its responsibility to provide for all District students and employees an environment that is free of sexual harassment, including sexual violence. Sexual harassment including sexual violence is a violation of law and stands in direct opposition to District policy. Therefore, the Board prohibits and condemns all forms of sexual harassment by employees, school volunteers, students, and non-employees such as contractors and vendors which occur on school grounds and at all school-sponsored events, programs and activities including those that take place at locations off school premises and in another state.
See Board Policies 6121 and/or 7551.
Members of the school community who experience or observe discrimination should immediately report their experience or observation to the District's Title IX Coordinator.

Dr. Robert Duffy
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 315-341-2014

The Title IX Coordinator will meet with the complainant to explain the available options and processes and investigate the complaint.

Title IX Complaint Form