Students make it count for 100th Day of School celebration

Minetto Elementary School teacher Leeanne Perry leads her class in counting their steps back from the lunch room on the 100th Day of School celebrated last Friday, an occasion marked across the district by events and programs around counting to 100.How many ways can you count to 100?
Students at schools around the Oswego City School District met that challenge head-on recently as classrooms celebrated the 100th day of school of the 2017-2018 school year.
At Frederick Leighton Elementary School, Principal Kara Shore read to kindergarten students from the book “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates 100 Days” and passed out certificates of accomplishment to students who successfully counted to 100.
“We’re working on concept development and combining counting to 100 with a reading piece, these are the things we want students to be working on each day,” said Shore.
Many schools gave students the chance to create a poster of their own representation of 100 and classrooms were covered with all manners of items from 100 cotton balls to 100 flower petals.
“We’re counting in lots of different ways and this day always gives us the opportunity to practice and the students really enjoy it,” said Minetto teacher Leeanne Perry. “We’re taking all the things we’ve been learning and doing them in a fun way.”