Distance learning challenges OCSD students to “Read Around the Planet”

Students in Kelly Moxley’s fifth grade class at Kingsford Park Elementary School chat with their counterparts at Windcrest Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the “Read Around the Planet” program, which encourages children to read and explore their world.While the fifth grade classes at Oswego’s Kingsford Park and San Antonio, Texas’ Windcrest Elementary Schools may be thousands of miles apart, a collaborative distance learning program in the Oswego City School District is connecting students with peers anywhere in the world.
“Howdy, y’all!” was the enthusiastic greeting to Kelly Moxley’s KPS classroom from the Texas students, kicking off their session of “Read Around The Planet,” a year-round program that focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources.
“This lets us take our kids and connect them globally, to show them that there are schools outside of Oswego County, outside of New York and it’s an opportunity to work on an English Language Arts piece of curriculum as well,” said Moxley.
The two classes took turns sharing information about their respective schools and communities, such as the Oswego Lighthouse and history of Fort Ontario as well as performing one-act plays as part of “Reader’s Theater.”
“We’re having students present in front of an audience and practice being a good audience themselves,” Moxley said.
Schools around the district have also participated in the program, with Minetto Elementary connecting with Hardy Oak Elementary School, also in Texas.