First place for Oswego OCAY team

Oswego City School District receives first-place medals.Oswego County Academic Youth League students competed in a series of tests related to food on March 8, with the theme of “Chew on This.”
To succeed, students relied on skills in culinary arts, nutrition, language, biology, art, math and more.
In the food as art category, teams created a two-dimensional interpretation of a famous pop culture celebrity following artistic elements of style, color and texture.
In other challenges, students created their own salsa recipe as well as a marketing plan for it.
“We hope that you found this to be a unique and creative experience for you,” said OCAY League Coordinator Matt Goodnough.
Oswego City School District took first place with members Melissa Chun, Danielle DelConte, Abby Douglas, Molly FitzGibbons, Miranda Gilbert, Rose Huang, Ellie Lisec, Turner McElroy, Josh Thomas and Sophia Throop.
Fulton City School District came in second place with members Ean Stevenson, Cory Dexter, Katie Distin, Nora Kinsbury, Erin Waloven, Ana Snyder, Kelsey Rosenbarker, Jake Geitner, Abby Cuyler and Nick Noel.
Mexico Academy & Central Schools took third this round with members Ashton Ariola, Tyler Grasso, Kimberly Heagerty, Madeline Higby, Wyatt Jensen, Baxter Mason, Amber Moseuk, Derrick Mosher, Erika Pieropan and Joshua Washer.
OCAY League is coordinated through the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation’s (CiTi) gifted and talented program.