Minetto 5th graders graduate DARE program

The entire fifth-grade class at Minetto Elementary School recently graduated from the local DARE program after they were given the educational tools to make the best, safe decisions.
The recent celebration was a culmination of several weeks’ worth of hard work in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education initiative, which has encouraged students to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse and other dangerous behaviors. Because of the support of the program, combined with that of Oswego Police Chief Tory DeCaire, Oswego County Undersheriff Gene Sullivan, Principal Jennifer Sullivan and the fifth-grade teachers, some of Minetto’s most mature students are prepared to lead the healthiest lives possible.
Each student wrote an essay describing what participation in the DARE program has meant to them and how they will use what they learned to lead a positive life going forward. Student Sadie Pratt was selected as the essay contest winner.

Minetto Elementary School fifth-grader Sadie Pratt beams
with pride upon being recognized as her school’s DARE essay
contest winner. She was recognized by the Oswego Police
Department and other community organizations during the
school’s recent fifth-grade DARE graduation.