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ake Libraries Your Winter Break Destination


    New York State Senator Patty Ritchie launched a program in February to encourage reading over winter break.   The program, called "Make Libraries Your Winter Break Destination" invited students in grades K-8 to submit a one page essay or picture, that depicted why libraries were the place to be during winter break. Leighton students were given the opportunity to write essays just prior to February Break.

    Recently, a student in one of Mrs. Armet’s RTI groups, Akasha Fellows, received a large envelope in the mail.  Inside was a participation certificate and a letter from Senator Ritchie congratulating her on her essay. Her essay began, “I believe libraries are the best places to visit because there are books.  The books have my favorite characters in them. My favorite characters are “the Cat in the Hat”, princesses, and Pinkalicious. That is my first reason why libraries are the best places to visit. “

    This is quite an honor.  Akasha, we are all very proud of you!