4th Annual Olympic Day Celebration For Riley Elementary

The students at Charles E. Riley Elementary participated in their 4th Annual Olympic Day Celebration on Friday, June 9th.  It was a day where the entire school community of students, parents, teachers, and staff came together to celebrate the end of the year.  Prior to Olympic Day, classes were assigned a country.  For the past few weeks students have been learning about their countries.  Each classroom designed their country's flag to carry during the opening and closing ceremonies.  In addition to designing flags, each student was given a t-shirt to wear compliments of the Riley Home and School Association.  The school grounds was a rainbow of colors, as each grade level wore a different colored shirt.  To start the day, an opening ceremony took place where the students proudly displayed their country's flag and the 6th grade chorus sang the Star Spangled Banner.  Students participated in a series of games and relay races that involved teamwork and cooperation.  Some of the students' favorite activities were the sponge bucket relay and water bottle run.  In addition to the relay races, Grade 4-6 students competed in events that resembled the Olympics.  Students had the option to sign up for one of the following events:  mile run, 50 yard dash, or discus throw.  Medals were awarded to the first place finishers for each grade level at the closing ceremony.  Olympic Day has become a tradition at Riley School, and it's a day that all students look forward to.