Oswego City School District Retirees Recognized

The Oswego City School District Board of Education recently recognized retirees who retirement picturehave announced their retirement for this schools year. Retirees are as follows: Joseph Annorino, School Bus Driver (7 years); Linda Annorino, Teaching Assistant (31 years); Laurel Arts, Elementary Teacher (34 years), Deborah Barbeau, Elementary Teacher (26 years), Sharon Bonacorsi, Science Teacher (33 years); Gwen Brown, Reading Teacher (14 years); Steven Carbone, Physical Education Teacher (30 years); Marjorie Cherchio, District Purchasing Assistant (37 years); Patricia Crisafulli, Health Office Assistant (12 years); Deborah Cutro, Special Education Teacher (21 years); Ellen Dillen, Physical Education Teacher (27 years); Eileen Ensworth, School Counselor (7 years), Karen Heckethorn, Stenographer (23 years); Patricia Kuhl, English Teacher (11 years), Marjorie Malone, Elementary Teacher (31 years); Goeffrey Marsh, Head Automotive Mechanic (30 years); Foster Mayer, Custodian (31 years); Donna Miles, Literacy Specialist (25 years); Roshmi Mishra, Science Teacher (17 years); Sara
Retirement pictureRetirement Picture
Mitchell, Stenographer (26 years), Judy Mooney, Elementary Teacher (31 years); Patricia Seinoski, School Monitor (11 years); Warren Shaw, Technology Education Teacher (27 years); Denise Smith, Teaching Assistant (30 years), Deborah Sprague, Reading Teacher (25 years); Edward Stacy, Social Studies Teacher (27 years); Mary Sullivan, Special Education Teacher (17 years); Jeanne Trionfero, Teaching Assistant (22 years) and David Vincent, Custodial Worker (7.5 years)