Leighton Yearbook Dedication and Awards Ceremony

The recipient of the 2016-2017 Leighton Elementary School yearbook dedication was Mrs. Laurel Artz.  With 34 years in the Oswego City School District, Mrs. Artz has been a dedicated, respected, loved, cherished, and soon-to-be retired teacher at Leighton Elementary. Her final constituency, this year’s sixth grade students, collaborated to compose an essay which has been printed on the inside cover of the yearbook. In addition, the students collaborated on the speech delivered at the dedication ceremony on June 7.  Mrs. Artz received a standing ovation from the more than 200 students and faculty present at the ceremony as Mrs. Eliza St. Onge presented her with the first edition of the yearbook.

This year’s recipients of the STAR awards were Isabella Richmond (R ) and McKenna Clary (L).  Students nominated for this award demonstrate  the following character traits: responsibility, sharing, trustworthiness, and respect.

The ‘For the  Love of Reading’  awards went to Sophia Kropf of Mrs. Leonard’s class, and Maggie O’ Leary of Mrs. Turtura’s class. These awards are presented to one student in each 4th grade class who displays a love of reading and who works hard at mastering their craft.   

The ceremony concluded with the recognition of this year’s Student Council and Safety Patrol members.  From the back row left to right are: Yavuz Damkaci, Cecelia Furbeck, Sydny Frantz, Meline Preston, Anna Cloonan, Alexander Kielb.  Middle row: Maggie O’ Leary, Mason Hall, Kevin Waters, Jeremiah Senke, Leah McRae, Sophia Kropf.  Front row: Brooklyn Saternow, Miah Metott and McKenzie Partlow.  Absent from picture: Jessica Harteis and Kaelyn Cisson.