New Teacher Institute welcomes first-year faculty to OCSD

More than two dozen Oswego City School District faculty members took part in the district’s New Teacher Institute this week, giving the teachers essential information on the district’s operation, mission and vision.
The two-day seminar saw presentations by district officials, including Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey, to instill the district’s vision of making students fully prepared and life ready while focusing on a student-centered mission.
“You’re coming to Oswego at a great and exciting time,” Goewey told the teachers. “Always be on your best game, work really hard and be all-in at Oswego.”
To accomplish the goal of making all students fully prepared and life ready, teachers in the Oswego City School District use an evidence-based, collaborative community approach that accepts and appreciates diversity.
“We’ve decided what we’re going to focus on, put all our effort into that and we’re all-in on our central themes,” Goewey said. “We will consider all points of view to make compassionate decisions, communicate with all relevant stakeholders and treat each other with respect.”
Goewey said the district is making student literacy a specific focus this year and in the future, announcing the creation of a Literacy Task Force made up of OCSD administrators, teachers and experts to aggressively pursue the goal of having all students in the district reading at grade level.
Photo caption
Participants in the Oswego City School District’s New Teacher Institute pose with OCSD Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey during the first day of the seminar. The New Teacher Institute is designed to give incoming faculty members the tools and information needed to realize the district’s vision of making all students fully prepared and life ready.