Pageant of Champions this weekend to showcase Oswego Marching Bucs

This Saturday, the Oswego City School District’s Marching Buccaneers will continue a tradition that has thrilled and delighted audiences for four decades as the hosts of the 39th Annual Pageant of Champions.
As the sun goes down and bright lights illuminate Joe Wilber Field, spectators will have the opportunity to witness some of the premiere field bands in New York compete in a dazzling display of sight and sound in a performance wholly unique to Oswego.
“We’re at home for this show and the people in the community that don’t normally come out to see the marching band can come see what we’re all about,” said Oswego High School Senior Mary Bornheimer, who serves as Marching Bucs Drum Major, adding that the audience “can expect goosebumps and an adrenaline rush going throughout the entire show.”
The Marching Bucs show off their talents at shows around the nation during competition season throughout September and October, culminating in the New York State Field Band Competition at the Carrier Dome on October 30.
This year, the Marching Bucs will be performing a show entitled “Clair de Lunacy,” a groundbreaking and innovative program that band members say is unlike anything they’ve attempted before.
“We’ve always had very literal shows about a person, or about world travel, but this show is a lot more open-ended,” said Ally Pasco, an OHS Senior and piccolo player. “We have a lot of different places in the show where we can express what we feel at that given moment.”
Pasco is also one of the most highly-decorated high school musicians in the nation, selected this year as a member of the prestigious U.S. Army All-America Band, as well as to the Conference All-State and All-Eastern bands.
Her favorite part of being a part of the Marching Bucs, however, is seeing the impact she has on her fellow bandmates.
“I really like working with all the other students to put on something incredible,” Pasco said. “I see how important it is for the younger students, because I got that amazing feeling when I was younger, and now that I’m older I can help them capture that too.”
The 2017 Pageant of Champions begins at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, September 23, at Joe Wilbur Field on the campus of Oswego High School. Joining the Marching Bucs in competition will be bands from Phoenix, Westmoreland, Mohonasen and East Syracuse-Minoa high schools.
Photo caption
This Saturday, Oswego High School’s Joe Wilber Field will host the 39th annual Pageant of Champions, which annually draws some of New York’s top marching bands. Pictured, the Marching Buccaneers perform during last year’s Pageant of Champions.