Oswego City School District opens doors to parents, families

The Oswego City School District opened its doors to visitors this week, inviting parents and families to get a closer look at the learning environments in which students spend so much time and effort each day.
With the beginning of a new school year, OCSD administrators said it’s important for families to feel connected to and in touch with their students’ schools and teachers and this week’s events provided a glimpse into the everyday life of young Buccaneers from kindergarten through high school.
“We want to encourage parents and guardians to come and let the students show them all the things we’re so proud of,” said Oswego Middle School Principal Mary Beth Fierro, presiding over OMS’ “Meet the Teachers and See the School” night, held on Wednesday.
Representatives of Home and School Associations were on hand to talk about the importance of strengthening the bonds between parents and guardians and school administration, as well as the OCSD Athletic Department and community groups like the Girl Scouts of America.
At Oswego High School on Thursday, families and students were able to participate in OHS’ “College Kick-Off” event, with information on the college application and financial aid process.
Families also took part in a simulated day of classes, starting in first-period homeroom and moving around the school in accordance with their students’ individual schedules.
“It’s important for families to know what their student is doing and experience what they experience in a given day,” said OHS Principal Patrick Wallace. “This event allows families to go to all nine classes, meet the teachers, and put a face to a name while learning about the course syllabus and school expectations.”
Photo caption
Students, parents and families packed the hallways of Oswego Middle School on Wednesday night for OMS’ annual “Meet the Teacher and See the School” night, one of several Open House events held around the Oswego City School District this week to encourage and strengthen the connection between students, families, teachers and administrators.