Guidelines for Athletic Placement Process

The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at higher or lower levels as approved by the Board of Regents (learning standards 1 and 2) and the Commissioner’s Regulations Section 135.4 (c) (7)(ii)(a)4) which states:
  • A Board of Education may permit pupils in grades no lower than 7th to compete on any senior high school team, or permit senior high pupils to compete on any teams in grades no lower than 7th provided the pupils are placed at levels of competition appropriate to their physiological maturity, physical fitness, and skills in relationship to other pupils on those teams in accordance with standards established by the Commissioner.  
  • It is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness as Safety must be of paramount importance.  APP is NOT to be used to fill positions on teams.
  • It is intended only for the student who is truly at a level of physical and emotional maturity, comparable physical size, fitness, and sport skill that is commensurate with the level of competition that they wish to pursue.
Steps for APP:
1)  Physical education teachers and coaches may recommend a student to be evaluated by the Director of Athletics and Physical Education.
     Once this occurs, the mandatory forms will be emailed to the student's parent/guardian in order for them to be completed. Deadlines for APP
     paperwork are:

     Fall Sports: 7/28/18                   Winter Sports: 10/26/18               Spring Sports: 2/15/19
2)  Parent/Guardian Permission Form completed and turned in within 5 days of receipt before evaluation can begin (Form B). Parent/Guardian must register
     student on Family ID (athletic page on district website) and upload the current physical form.  
3)  Administrative Approval- Student’s academic performance at or above grade level, emotional readiness to socialize with high school students.
4)  Medical Clearance- Must be completed BEFORE the physical fitness portion of the process.  If the student is determined to NOT have attained an
     appropriate physical maturity level for the desired sport and level, the process stops.
5)  Physical Fitness Testing- Must be done by a certified physical education teacher who is NOT a coach of the sport which the student will be trying out for.
     The President’s Physical Fitness Test is used and the student must meet the 85th percentile for their age in 4 out of 5 components.
6)  Qualification Determination- Results of the three evaluations are sent to the Director of Athletics and Physical Education.  
     Only students who pass all parts of the APP process are permitted to try out, which does not guarantee that they have made the team.