OCSD, CCC partnership thriving in second year

In its second year, the Oswego City School District’s Cayuga Advantage Program has given hundreds of students access to college-level courses without leaving the Oswego High School campus. Pictured, teacher Kim Nelson and student Bond Photos work on graphics for the video production of OHS’ morning announcements as part of one of the Cayuga Advantage’s telecommunications courses.Students in the Oswego City School District are continuing to find success and enhance their educational opportunities with expanded access to advanced courses as a result of a partnership with Cayuga Community College.
Nearly 100 students are set to earn a combined 330 credit hours this semester through the Cayuga Advantage Program, first instituted last year and expanded for the 2017-2018 school year.
Cayuga Community College and the Oswego City School District collaboratively operate the Cayuga Advantage Program for Oswego students at no cost.
“Programs like the Cayuga Advantage are helping our students develop the skills they need to become fully prepared and life ready for whatever path they choose after graduation,” said OCSD Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey. “We look forward to the continued growth of this program and being able to equip our outstanding teachers to offer college-level courses to all students.”
OCSD teachers and administrators worked with CCC officials to develop a rigorous curriculum for the five credit-bearing classes. 
The classes include telecommunication courses in conjunction with the school’s WBUC television and film production program and a Principles of Business course connected with the school’s business development class known as Oswego Inc.
“This partnership with CCC has been a great boost to the TV Studio as well as OHS. Offering students college credits that they can apply to their future has been a wonderful thing,” said OHS teacher Matthew Bock who serves as instructor for several Cayuga Advantage classes. “We are proud to be able to tell kids that what they are doing in our program is very similar to what they would see at most post-high school communications programs.”
In addition to the Cayuga Advantage classes, Oswego High School also offers seven Advanced Placement classes with the potential for students to earn college credit, including Calculus, Computer Science, Literature and Composition, Statistics, Biology and US and World History.