Time for taters!!!

One potato, two potato, three potato, four, as the Leighton students dug, they kept finding more and more giant taters in the garden that was built way back in June. All the helpers that assisted with the project were a boon!

Day turned into night, turned into day, and round and round, as the little tater pieces did their growing in the ground. All throughout the summer while the kids played in the sun, the little taters did their growing, now the growing season’s done. You see
September is when students need to harvest up their crop since the longer colder nights make the growing season stop.

See upon their faces in the photos that were took, joy and pride, exhilaration, you can see it when you look because the lessons learned in books will last a bit and slowly fade but when you activate the body, lasting memories are made. Smell the dirt, taste the air, feel the taters on your skin, make connections with the earth and that’s when you’ll start to begin to understand the greatest lessons that are waiting to be found with open hearts, receptive minds, and willing teachers all around. At Leighton, students have a friendly place that’s always steady, and it’s here where we all strive to be fully prepared and life ready.