Exelon employees, OCSD partner to benefit students

Frederick Leighton Elementary School Nurse Jennifer Sharkey and Principal Kara Shore unpack some of the dozens of backpacks the school received this year courtesy of Exelon Corporation employees. “We want the community to understand that Exelon cares about the success of our kids and they know that our students’ success matters to our community,” said Shore. A partnership between the Oswego City School District and Exelon Corporation employees is making a large and positive impact in the lives of students with school officials saying recent contributions of school supplies, winter apparel and more are “more than a donation.”
“We want the community to understand that Exelon cares about the success of our kids and they know the students’ success matters to our community,” said Leighton Principal Kara Shore. “We wanted this to be public because they obviously took a lot of pride in their thoughtful donations which make a real difference for our students.”
Dozens of backpacks filled to the brim with school supplies and personal hygiene items were delivered at the beginning of the school year to two Oswego City School District elementary schools.  

The backpacks also contained a personal note to students from Exelon employees encouraging them in their studies and lives.

The kindness and compassion of Exelon employees to OCSD students goes back several years and continues to flourish annually.

Coats for Kids, which started out as a grass roots initiative, has grown by leaps and bounds due to the generosity of Nine Mile Point’s Senior Leaders and their dedication to the cause.  The Coats for Kids organization was founded by a handful of Nine Mile Point employees and has provided coats for students for the past few years. 

Gently used coats were collected at the Nine Mile Point Site and additional coats were purchased with personal donations, can returns and with funds collected throughout the year from candy sales. 

Now thanks to a large donation from the Nine Mile Point Charity Golf Tournament, brand new coats are purchased and offered to all of the schools in the district to help any child that may be in need of a warm winter coat. 

Last year, Exelon was able to provide not only coats to four schools that requested them, but also sneakers, boots, hats, gloves and some clothing. 

"I'm incredibly proud of the employees here at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, especially those who founded the Coats for Kids organization and who are the true drivers," said Pete Orphanos, Site Vice President.  "Our leadership team is pleased to be able to help expand their efforts through use of some of the proceeds from our charity golf tournament.  This community has been tremendously supportive of our company and of nuclear technology.  We are committed to giving back and continuing to be an engaged part of this community."
Nine Mile Point employees are involved in a wide variety of charitable organizations and “we are committed to helping the community where we work,” said Exelon spokesperson Jill Lyon.

“We’ve made the Oswego City School District’s clothing drive one of our 2017 Delivering Excellence Milestones and we are looking forward to helping keep even more children warm this year with new winter clothing.”