Watch "Around Oswego" with Dane and Dean!

Now available, a new monthly program from WBUC, “Around Oswego” featuring Dane Richardson and Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey. The show is put together by WBUC students with assistance from staff at all other schools in the district. Thank you to Crystal Mason (Minetto), Jeremy Shanly (Kingsford Park), Nicholas Little (Fitzhugh Park), Tammy Reynolds (Leighton), Eric McCrobie (OMS), Mathew Bock and Kimberly Nelson (OHS) for working to highlight all the great things your schools do! Each school produces weekly news videos that are distributed for all classrooms to watch within the individual schools. WBUC then works with the schools to create a district wide show. 

Going forward, Around Oswego will be a monthly production that Dr. Goewey will address pressing issues facing the Oswego City School District through. Anchors Jenna Bradshaw and Jack Lee end the show by highlighting various educational programs, awards and activities throughout all of our district schools. The show is produced by station manager Tyler Dohse, and program director John Rice.