For upcoming 10th show, OHS Drama Club director promises scares, humor

Jack Lee, Audrey Hinman, and Nolan Callahan rehearse for Oswego High School Drama Club's production "Knight of Swords," an original thriller.  When “Knight of Swords,” an original play by Oswego City School District music teacher Garrett Heater premieres next week, it will mark Heater’s 10th production as a part of the Drama Club’s advisory staff since 2013 in a “darker”, yet “unexpectedly funny” show.
“Being so close to Halloween, it’s the perfect way to begin our 2017-2018 OHS theatre season,” said Heater. “The characters are thoroughly enjoyable, and there are plenty of scares built into the script to keep the audience on their toes.”
“Knight of Swords” centers on high schooler Josh, who, being obsessed with serial killers, puts his friends in harm’s way to entice a dead killer’s ghost.
Last year, Heater also delved into the macabre as the director of “Bad Seed,” a classic thriller about a murderous little girl whose blonde pigtails belie her sinister motives.
“I am always drawn to darker material,” said Heater. “I enjoy exploring the darker aspects of the human condition.”
Along with OHS Choral teacher Robert Dumas, Heater doesn’t just stick to one genre; in previous years, the pair have produced shows of “Evita,” “Pippin” and “Damn Yankees.” In The 2015-2016 school year, Heater also adapted William Shakespeare’s classic “MacBeth.”
‘Knight of Swords’ play November 3 & 4 at 7:30 PM at the Robinson-Faust Center for the Performing Arts, Oswego High School. For tickets: Contact Robert Dumas with any questions: