Leighton Elementary honors veterans

Local veterans joined the Frederick Leighton Elementary School student body, faculty and staff on Thursday for a ceremony and celebrations in honor of Veterans Day on November 11. Pictured front right, New York Army National Guard Lt. Colonel and Oswego High School teacher Ben Richardson leads the Pledge of Allegiance. Dozens of local veterans took center stage on Thursday to be honored by the students, staff and faculty of Frederick Leighton Elementary School.
The school had put out the call to any interested veterans to join the celebration, held in observance of Veterans Day on November 11, and the Leighton gymnasium was filled with representatives from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard as the entire student body thanked them for their service.
“This is about all the hard work you do each day as a soldier or as a civilian and we deeply appreciate your commitment to our community,” said Leighton Principal Kara Shore, herself a veteran of the United States Air Force.
Students recognized their veteran loved ones with presentations of gifts and singing of patriotic songs during the ceremony. Students also were treated to an exhibit of military mementos and artifacts brought in by veterans, as well as a demonstration of “meals-ready-to-eat” MRE’s in their classrooms.